25 April 2017

Planning Your Retirement Income - not too much and not too little

It's been a year since I last added a blog! Life has been busy with lots of people needing advice, but here we go again... A schoolfriend of mine recently told me he's retiring. Retirement is often seen as giving you a whole lot of extra time to fill, but clients often tell me that it is not like that - some even say that they don't know how they had the time to go to work.

So I suggested to my friend (who spent his life in the world of physics) that if Einstein had worked a bit longer he would have followed his Theory of Relativity with a Theory of Retirement. That would have said that time moves faster once you are retired - and you don't have to be moving near the speed of light for that to happen after all.

Anyway, it did get me thinking about how you plan your retirement. If there are things that you want to achieve they will need planning in.

And on the finances front some rethinking is needed - both to ensure an ongoing income, and to avoid dying eventually with a lot of money left over and a large Inheritance Tax bill.

The message is - don't just let retirement happen. Make it work for you.

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