13 February 2014

If You Should Die Without a Will...

I came across this little ditty recently. It's not Keats but the sentiment is good enough.

If you should die without a will
Whose pockets will your money fill?
The ones you truly want to have it
Or someone else who'll gladly grab it?
Consider these important "ifs"
Alas, ignored by countless stiffs.

If you're intestate it's decreed
A "special grant" is what  you need
This means not you, but legislation
(called Letters of Administration)
Decides who gets you garden gnomes
Your spouse? Your kids? Consult the tomes!

If you've no spouse nor next of kin
"Bona Vacantia" may come in
In other words your precious pounds
Are simply give to the Crown
Or to a Duchy, or if not
The Duke of Cornwall cops the lot.

If you're insane and if you find
"A sound and a disposing mind"
Are not among your personal traits
You'll have to stay an intestate
But if you're sane, for a small bill
Have peace of mind and MAKE A WILL!

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