21 June 2012

Best Savings Rates

We continue to be in a low-interest rate world for our savings, as we all know. Finding the best account for your savings is not very easy, either. The banks make it even more of a challenge by reducing interest rates on some accounts after a year, perhaps, hoping that we will forget - to their benefit, of course!

Whenever I try an online comparison tool I seem to find limitations - like the Money Advice Service told me no accounts were available for my search criteria without explanation, and on the next search told me there were 410 accounts available, but I couldn't filter out those where you had to go to the other end of the country into a branch to open an account!

Anyway, my point is that intelligence is needed - but if you've got some of that, here are some comparison tools which are worth exploring.

  • MoneyFacts - as linked from Prime Time Financial's web site!
  • MoneySupermarket - search allows you to put your own bank's available accounts at the top of the results, since you may prefer to stay with them

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