31 August 2009

What this blog is about ... and what it isn't

If I said I find money exciting you might get the wrong impression!...

So let me just say that our finances are an important part of our lives, and I am very keen to see myself and others taking full advantage of our financial circumstances. What comes first at every turn is life in all its fullness, and our finances should be a servant of the life we want to live.

The trouble is that many people end up being confused, bored or annoyed by financial stuff. Then they don't give it the attention it needs, and end up losing out.

That's what this blog is about. I don't promise to make everything exciting, and I don't expect to suddenly make you rich, but I can at least give you some pointers to take full advantage of what you have. Plus, I hope that that information will be interesting to read. My aim is that you will end up with a better chance of turning your life goals into reality. And if you haven't defined your goals, perhaps it will just help you enjoy life more!
So the blog is about practical information for personal finances.

What it is not about is personal advice. I am an independent financial adviser, authorised to give advice in a number of areas, but only based on a full understanding of someone's personal situation. That is clearly not possible in a blog, and nothing in this blog or in any replies I may make to readers' comments should be construed as personal advice.

Happy reading!! .. and do let me have your comments.

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